Tuesday, May 24, 2011


At my friend's Joshua's home in Topanga Canyon, CA. BBQ, friends & sweet sounds. I'm a sucker for record cover art!
 Blind Faith's  Featuring Traffic’s Steve Winwood, Family’s Ric Grech and Cream’s Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker. This album cover featuring a topless pubescent girl (Baker's daughter, according to some sources) holding a vaguely phallic airplane—was in good taste but was banned in the US.

Friday, May 13, 2011


This week MAY 12th & 13th in Hollywood Siren Studios is curating Class Trade Show. I've been working with the girls at THE GENERAL STORE representing a hand full of LA based designers & Zodiac USA shoes!
Here are pictures from the show yesterday's people & vendors!

Jason & Drew at Derelicte Showroom

Megan Wright with Neuw clothing & Common Showroom

 Melissa Diner & Christian from Ksubi

Nikki Nalepa


Luxury Jones - Just for fun

Portland born, Echo Park based LUXURY JONES creates one of a kind pieces using vintage recycled clothing, boots & accessories in her collection JUST FOR FUN. You can find her pieces at www.thegeneralstore.co

Sunday, May 8, 2011


On Saturday, April 30th 2011 in Los Angeles, CA I helped Green Arts & Gjelina Restaurant with a benefit party to help Japan. What an AMAZING NIGHT!!
Here are some shots of the beautiful people that made this benefit possible! Thank you to all the artists, musicians & everyone that showed up to support the cause. We raised $20.000.00!! 

 Robert Schwan & Travis Lett
 Gjelina Restaurant Catering
 Jules Muck
 The warehouse
 String Quartet
 Artist wall
 Pascal Shirley
 Brian Ulrich
 Robert Schwan

 A Pure Source

 Roman Diengruber's instalation

 Emily Kokel
 Megan Green & friends
 Stella, Pascal & Hannah Knowton

 Jeffertittis & Kokel

 Tyler Steele
 The crowd

 Meg & Frederick
Ryan, Lauren & Ben
 The Dead Trees
 Jessica Sutherland, Christopher Candy & Amy
 Faye McAuliffe & friends
 Vanessa Wolfe & Christian Cloud
 Jim Brown & friend
 Melissa Diner & friend
 Omar Levy & friends
 Ruby Corley, Rhona Mitra, Zach Rosencranz, Ceara McAuliffe
 Christopher Barns
 Calvin Love
Erica Fairchild & Marina Leight
 Aya Nishimura & friend
 BG Porter & Birdtree

 Jodie Ray & Michael
 Norah, Shawn & Carlos

 Sam Spiegel
  Heidi & Osamu
 Sam Fox & Chris Candy
 Adarsha Benjamin
 Jeffertittis Nile
 DJ Osamu

 Oscar Lusch