Friday, April 22, 2011

C o a c h e l l a 2 0 1 1

I got myself all set for Coachella this year. Here are some pictures of the fun & amazing time I had in the desert sun, breeze, beautiful crowd & heavenly music, artists & friends.

 Arcade Fire's got balls

 Beautiful Emily Kokal from WARPAINT, Ruby Corley & Zach Rosencrantz

 Beautiful Ceara McAulife & Michael Runion

 Jake Bercovici played Accordion for Warpaint

 Death from Above 1979


 Mr. Sam Spiegel

 Duran Duran

 Rubs & Reza

 Melissa Diner with Zodiac Shoes & Stephanie Johnson


We randomly saw our photographer friend Patrick Fraser on the screen chilling with the crowd(the one with the hat!)... that was awsome. Some other shows I got to experience but was too excited or couln't stop dancing & forgot to document were Animal CollectiveThe Kills, Chromeo, Ms. PJ HarveyThe Strokes, Duck Sauce & Kanye West. What a weekend!